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Perfect Home for Your Goldfish

March 3rd, 2010

Aquariums are built of glass or high strength plastic. The ones for keeping fish are called fish tanks if they are cuboid, or fish bowls if they are rounded. When it comes to goldfish, the bigger aquarium, the better - ammonia from the fish waste can be fatal in the small, deoxygenated fish bowls.

Along with feeding, that is actually the most entertaining fish activity, big aquariums enrich their lives. A goldfish's lifespan is up to the keeper - the way they care for them. When it comes to caring, aquariums have almost the main role. Goldfish need a lot of space 'cause they grow very quickly. In a twenty-gallon tank with two goldfish and appropriate care, you can have lively and perky pets for a decade.

First of all, let's stick to the aquarium position. Make sure that the surface can bear the tank weight. Don't place it on valuable furniture and DON'T expose it to direct sunlight under any circumstances. Despite the fact that goldfish are cold-water animals, they don't seem to adapt to the temperature changes. Cold winters can be fatal to humans, as well as fragile goldfish. It's advised to have a heater to make winters bearable. If you keep your goldfish in a room with central heating or any other heating system that keeps temperature around 20C, a tank heater isn't necessary. On the other hand, temperatures over 25C can be damaging. During the summer days, make sure you place the aquarium in a cooler spot.

Large tanks require a filtration system which keeps the tank water clean and makes your caring job easier. The most used filter is the one placed on the outside of the aquarium and hanging to the inside. The second top filter is the biowheel filter that seems to degrade toxic chemicals of nitrite and ammonia. It's just a myth that the filters shouldn't be cleaned – make sure you clean it at least once a month. Also, don't insist on cleaning if it cannot be cleaned up due to age. Replace it! In case you're a goldfish novice who uses a small fish bowl, make sure you change the water every day, and collect some money to get them a proper place to live.

Goldfish are mysterious pets that like to hide. You should place a shelter in the aquarium in case they feel like hiding. Common sense prevails here – anything is available as long as it doesn't have sharp edges or any of that kind that can be harmful. Aquatic plants are partially advised – they help with removing the toxic elements from the goldfish waste. On the other hand, roots and decaying plants can pollute the aquarium. To prevent the infections, you should disinfect (by dipping them in a mixture of 1 part bleach and 19 parts water) the plants before placing them in the tank. Then we have gravel. Gravel gives the goldfish a sensual home feeling. It's also good for their health – gravel is a good surface for good bacteria to grow.

This whole goldfish world seems so connected, like one thing leads to another. Your tank should also have some lighting system which is good to check up on the tank and goldfish state. Also, if you have live plants in the aquarium, lights are necessary.

One more thing, goldfish are helpless in their artificial home (aquariums). They don't have control over it, you do, so don't pat them. They don't like to be patted. Just a soft touch can be harmful for them and can lead to their demise.