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About us

Netapet logoNetapet is a friendly website revolving around - pets. With almost every household having at least one pet, this is a great way to introduce your furry, crawly or lilting and devoted pal to the world - by posting your pet's pictures, bonding with other pet lovers, looking for a piece of advice if needed.

The website consists of two parts - one is, of course, reserved for your pets and the other for - you. Through Netapet, you can find new friends, people who own the same pets as you or someone you never thought you would meet. Apart from our members' profiles, there's another way to communicate with other users - whether you only want to say Hi or maybe search for advice - it's our forums.

Since Netapet is dedicated to pets, much more things cover their needs. Pets' owners can find out things about your pet, giggle at the photos you put up, befriend your pet. Our forum is not only for you - a talk about your pet is going on there. You can use it to get help from other users, to get an idea for a toy to buy for your pet or to find out how to properly care for it.

We are here to help you. Articles are another way to get help. They're very informative and can get you started with your pet.

As we said in the beginning; Netapet is a friendly website. That is what we expect from you - to behave that way. Do not abuse other users, pets; if you have any problems with the site, feel free to contact us. Bashing and flaming aren't necessary or needed. Neither is spamming. This is a way to show off your pet, to find a way to cheer it up, to get help if it needs it. Let's try keep it that way.