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Sydnee Counts to Ten

May 18th, 2010 at 1:27pm

Sydnee the dog can countSydnee never went to school, she passes it by while walking with Maxine. Despite that, Sydnee can count. And Sydnee is a dog. Maxine got the Australian shepherd when the dog was only 10 months old. It didn't take her long to learn typical tricks - shake, sit, roll over. But then Maxine noticed something strange - a special knack when barking.

"I thought, 'That dog, she's just adding one finger, she's counting.' So apparently, she could count," Maxine said.

When Maxine shows her number 4, she barks 4 times; when given number 7, she barks 7 times and so on until 10. Then she gets raisins as a reward. 

"Sometimes I have to spell things out to keep Sydnee from knowing what I'm saying", Maxine added.