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Home Is Where the Heart Is

May 21st, 2010 at 4:37pm

Blue tits made a nest in ashtrayHome is where the heart is. But the hearts of these two little blue tits led to an ashtray. All of a sudden, cigarette butts began appearing on the floor underneath the ashtray. Art students from University nearby were blamed for it. When office manager Maria Plumb got closer to investigate, she spotted bird droppings and feathers along with the butts.

She peaked inside and saw two little creatures gaping at her. The birds chose the ashtray to make a nest to hatch their eggs. Immediately, staff hung a sign warning people not to use the ashtray.

"When the piles of butts kept appearing it was always over the weekends so I knew it wasn't the staff here making a mess. I went to the halls and complained because I have to admit I assumed it must be the art students. Now I must apologise as the mystery has been solved", Maria said.


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