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TV Show Lost Played by Cats

May 25th, 2010 at 3:34pm

As soon as it hit the screens in 2004, American TV drama "Lost" became a show hard to resist. On May 23, the show has ended, airing its final episode. Some were left puzzled, some were left flabbergasted. One fan has summed up all 6 seasons in a 1 minute clip, starring - cats. 

"The film, which claims to be "The entire series of Lost recapped by cats", briefly lampoons each character from the first series, and goes on to show how much - or how little - they have developed by the time of the last series."

It's fun to see how the clip maker sees the Lost characters and which cat represents each of them. If you still haven't watched the final episode, don't fear, the clip doesn't contain any spoilers.


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