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Jor Jor and Her Whimsical Hobby

May 27th, 2010 at 4:15pm

Fish plays instrumentsWhat does your fish do most of the time? Observes the people around? Eats? Makes you laugh? Well, maybe you could teach your little pet how to play instruments. Just a thought. You can take an advice from Diane Rains whose Ryukin goldfish Jor Jor is a proud owner of the first musical fish title.

As she claims, as soon as Jor Jor hears Barbra Streisand's "Moon River", the fish starts pulling a string attached to the bells on her aquarium. 

"Jor Jor certainly is a unique musician. She likes to listen closely until a particular moment inspires her to contribute. At precisely the right time, she will play her bells or chimes for a few seconds only, then swim off satisfied. Moon River has an instrumental intro and then Streisand comes in. Nearly every time, Jor Jor listens for several bars, then just before the vocals began, exactly on the beat, she rings her F bell once", Diane said.