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  • MAXimum Destruction

    MAX, the most craziest yet coolest dog ever!

  • My cat's weird habit

    My cat, CJ, has this weird habit of sucking and kneading certain fabric.. anyone have any idea why he does this?

  • Dave playing with his Christmas present

    Wish I knew how to rotate videos.. or at least remembered to take them the right way up D:

  • BJ cleaning himself

    An example of the evils I get from my cats when I accidentally disturb their grooming..

  • Holly Memorial

    A memorial video dedicated to Holly, my West Highland Terrier. Born - 18th December 2001 Died - 25th November 2006

  • Oscar..

    Here's Oscar eating and I'm just showing you something :) By maddddyyyy1. (Laura) Here's the link to netApet:

  • McFrankie McFrankie

  • Cute kittens that i saved

  • me messing with my cat while he sleep :)

    Mali had 1 month on this video he is still like this when he sleep

  • When Dogs Attack

    This is my friend Brianna's dog, Missy attacking her. Also her youtube account and video. But were best friends. So, yeah this is her dog attacking her. I was there because I came in right after she hit the wall. LOL