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  • just uploaded new pictures of Tig of the past week. he is a nut20.03.2010. 03:02
  • i just took a bunch of pictures of Nikki and Bleaker. i will post them up later after i get some more of Tig :)12.03.2010. 21:48
  • I am planning to buy a devon rex at some point in my life :)11.03.2010. 05:08
    • Josipa PletikosićJosipa Pletikosić: The breed with big ears? :) And striking appearance? :D
      12.03.2010. 11:10
    • Jill WJill W: hell yes. tried to talk to my parents about it. they want nothing to do with it. said when i move out, i can get tiggy a little brother :/ lol. in time. :)
      12.03.2010. 13:44
    • Josipa PletikosićJosipa Pletikosić: Yeah, time is your friend :D
      12.03.2010. 15:16