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  • my cat died today. i never made a profile for her but i should've. r.i.p. schatize, you were older than i am but i miss you so much and it hurts and you were always amazing.31.05.2010. 06:04
  • vespa got pet of the day! ftw.19.03.2010. 04:14
  • i have a photography triptych, a website and an annotated bibliography due next week. and i haven't started any. ._.17.03.2010. 22:35




  • OMG. I started a screen play for Script Frenzy last year! :D I figured it'd be easy 'cause it's only 100 pages that you have to do. And I found it on my computer the other day, I got 5 pages into it. ..And that was only 2 days worth of writing! :D ......Twas my movie adaption of Hedgehogs. ~~
  • Your profile needed to be commented. (y)
  • Journalism is still my thing, I never left it, no omg. But since I went to law school I know some lawish things. Now I can use my knowledge to find the tell tale. I'm great, to be honest. A happy bunny :) We're both, Dujo&I doing just great. Happy, in love :) And now we have three turtles :D
  • Yeah, I heard about that thing with the police :\ I think I know who tipped them off but I'm conducting my own investigation.. Can't say aynthing at the moment, until I have valid information :) How are you? I don't see that much on Mibba. I often remember our peculiar conversations; oh, how funny they were.